Language teaching in refugee camps

Most of the refugee camps are located in remote areas with limited access to educational services. Remote language and culture education is one of the solutions to this issue. In 2014-2015 VEDAMO, together with UNHCR and Caritas Foundation initiated online-based language courses in one the  Bulgarian refugee camps. VEDAMO’s interactive online sessions were attended by children from Afghanistan and Syria who were enrolled in local state school. The courses were aimed at providing additional support in learning the local language and catching up with the school study material.


In 2015 additional language courses for adult learners from Afghanistan. A “blended approach” was applied – the lessons were conducted by a remotely located teacher and supported by volunteers on site. The children who attended the language online classes were enrolled in primary schools and were able to keep pace along with their peers. This also supported the integration of their families into the local society. The participating people from Afghanistan also improved their language skills and were able to look for relevant job opportunities.